RedCAT Systems is a Cloud and On-site provider of HR applications. We provide a credible, robust, agile, low-cost and easy to use alternative to traditional monolithic suites.


CAT (Compensation Award Tool) redefines how companies manage compensation cycles. Seriously.


GPMS (Global Performance Management System) that doesn't require training - it just works.


Tired of fussing with your BI tools to get what you need? Our reporting module gives you what you really need, effortlessly.

Data Warehouse

Not interested in spending $thousands per employee to manage your Core HR? Go back to basics and get what you need to run your business, rather than heaps of modules you'll never use.

We begin with vision. Experience matters.

Our seasoned HR and Software team provides advice and vision to help you evaluate your needs - you can count on us to share our thoughts! We are the only vendor on the market who can provide this level of expertise without charging high-cost consulting fees.


We think different. See for yourself.

Our systems provide an unprecedented level of flexibility - we do not ask you to adapt your business process to our systems - our systems adapt to yours.

Yes - we know market reality. Cost matters.

We focus on core HR applications that bring you a high ROI. Our pricing is very competitive and reflects the realities of the current market - you need to do more with less.

Cost matters

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